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 Prof. Leandro Minku,  Senior Lecturer, School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham


Research Interests
Mining Data Streams, Online Learning and Concept Drift
Class Imbalanced Learning
Ensembles of Learning Machines
Evolutionary Algorithms (dynamic optimisation, multi-objective techniques, hyperheuristics)
Applications of the above to Software Engineering






Dr Heitor Murilo Gomes, Senior Research Fellow & Head of the MOA Lab, AI Institute


About Heitor Murilo
Heitor is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Waikato in the machine learning group. He is especially interested in advancing the field of machine learning for evolving data streams, both for fundamental and applied research.
Besides his academic background, Heitor has also worked on several companies, funded a startup, and provided consultancy services on applied machine learning problems.


Research Interests
Heitor's goal is to expand our current knowledge in the field of machine learning for continuous flows of data. This involves the proposal of novel algorithms and theory.

 He started working on problems related to machine learning applied to data stream around 2010, and he has continued ever since. In 2019, along with his co-authors, he published a paper on the current state of the field on the ACM SIGKDD Explorations Newsletter.

 In 2021, Heitor has been appointed as the head of the MOA Lab at the University of Waikato.



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